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Rome and the Counter-Reformation in England


In the current book, Msgr. Philip Hughes does not repeat the work of others, important as it has been. Using the Reformation as a jumping-off point, in 'Rome and the Counter-Reformation in England' he focuses on the ultimately unsuccessful attempts by both the Holy See and local Catholics to bring England back to the One True Faith. Ending with the reigns of Kings James I and Charles I, he paints a picture that is of utmost importance to English-speaking Catholics today. - Charles A. Coulombe. Fr. Hughes, England's greatest historian of the Reformation, examines in this work the nature of the Counter-Reformation in England in different phases, what it aimed for and how it was thwarted from within by rivalries and disunity. From the restoration of Queen Mary to the Stuarts, this book looks at the actions of Catholics at a critical point and looks to the root causes of the failure to continue spreading the Faith in England.

Paperback. 500 pp.

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