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The Social Rights of Jesus Christ the King


Written in 1932, and just as pertinent today, Fr. Denis Fahey explains the doctrine of Christ the King, and His rights in and over societies and nations, based upon the teaching of the Church, and in particular the encyclical ‘Quas Primas’.

Scripture tells us that “every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.” Christ is not just King of Heaven, He is also King of the Earth, and desires that man establish his societies and nations under His benign rule.

Church and State are not different, but two aspects of the rule of Christ over the Earth, the “Two Swords” in classic understanding. The State wields the sword for civil society, but in order to be a just State, pleasing to God and blessed with prosperity and peace, it must rule according to the will of Christ and not according to the will of man.

Fr. Fahey describes to us what this ideal State should look like, as it follows the programme of Christ, as opposed to that of Satan and Organised Naturalism.

Paperback. 114pp.

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