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The Mercy of Allah


The Mercy of Allah is not a book about Islam.
Purporting to be the memoirs of an enormously wealthy and wholly conscienceless merchant of Baghdad, it is in fact a satirical exposé of corruption in politics, government, law, religion, but above all in the world of banking and finance.
Belloc reveals himself as a humorist in the class of Wodehouse and Waugh, but more importantly as a well-informed and perceptive commentator on how the world, and particularly its finances, are run.

For you may read this book to enjoy its richness and wit, or you may revel in the story as a work of fiction, but at the deepest level, the author bequeaths to us in this immortal story his analysis of why the international banking system violates reality and must eventually collapse, dragging down in its wake the corrupt system of pseudo-democratic government which is its puppet - a prophetic commentary on the events we are living through.

Paperback. 181pp.

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