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Two By Chesterton


The "The Napoleon of Notting Hill" and "The Man Who Was Thursday" helped establish G. K. Chesterton as a force in English letters. In "The Napoleon of Notting Hill", London is reduced to a number of quasi-independent fiefdoms under the sovereignty of a king who thinks everything a lark. When the king sides with commercial interests and demands the improvement of a road in Notting Hill, the residents rebel. This leads the borough to stand against the rest of London, and even against the king himself. "The Man Who Was Thursday" is Chesterton's most popular novel. A cabal of anarchists whose leaders are named after the days of the week is infiltrated by an agent of the police who finds himself elected as Thursday. But all is not as it seems, and one by one the members of the group come to realize that they must determine the identity of the man whom they know only as Sunday.

Paperback. 324pp.

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