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God: His Existence and His Nature, vol. 1


Fr. Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange writes that "In a book entitled, Le Sens Commun et la Philosophie de l’être, we have shown that common sense or natural reason is a rudimentary philosophy of being, opposed to the philosophy of pure phenomenon and to that of becoming; that being and the principles implied in it constitute the formal, primary and adequate object of common sense.

Here we again take up the study of these first principles, not so much as they are concerned with the functioning of the faculty of common sense, but with reference to the classical proofs for God’s existence. We have set ourselves the task of demonstrating the necessity of these principles, their dependence upon the first principle, and their ontological and transcendent validity. It will seen that the proofs for God’s existence rest ultimately upon the principle of identity or of non-contradiction, their proximate basis being the principle of sufficient reason, and their immediate basis the principle of causality. . . .

Paperback. 324 pp.

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