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The Plot Against the Church


The Plot Against the Church, was published just before the beginning of the Second Vatican Council as a warning of what worldly powers had in store for the Church. Several Catholic bishops, who would later constitute the core group of Coetus Internationalis Patrum during the Second Vatican Council, wrote under the collective pseudonym of Maurice Pinay, in order to warn the assembling bishops of Vatican II that the ultimate purpose of the Council was to remove the crime of Deicide from the Jews and assign it instead to the Romans. It is a scholarly work, worthy of consideration of all who would understand Christian history and Christian defence against forces seeking to destroy the Church and the Faith.

Whilst this book, written from the Catholic position, was published in 1962, Rabbi Louis Israel Newman previously wrote along the same lines from the Jewish position in his 1925 work Jewish Influence in Christian Reform Movements. Rabbi Newman's book is quoted from extensively in The Plot Against the Church.

Paperback. 516 pp.

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