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The Soldier of Christ: Talks Before Confirmation


Any book on the sacrament of Confirmation can explain what Confirmation is, but this is the only book that explains, in the most original and engaging manner, what Confirmation does. It is both a dialogue and a travelogue, taking the reader on a journey from the Crusades to the Crimea; from mediaeval ceremonies of Knighthood to early modern methods of warfare.

What does it mean to be a Soldier of Christ?

For the true child of God, life is a daily battle against a well-concealed foe - that is, our own flaws and failings - and Mother Mary Loyola proposes to arm young recruits adequately for this task, leaving no stone unturned in her quest to root out this 'enemy at home'. This is the sort of basic training no young Catholic should be without.

Please note: this is considered a revised edition due to the correction of errors in the original text, the addition of selected footnotes, and minor clarifications in punctuation or phrasing. No material has been removed or rewritten.

Paperback. 373 pp.

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