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Carmelite Third Order Scapular


For Carmelite Tertiaries. Hand crafted by Traditional Nuns to the correct specifications. The other side of the scapular carries a cross, as pictured on the Franciscan Third Order scapular. Measures 7" x 10". Made from pure woven and shrunken English Melton wool.

As the Carmelite Tertiary has a much greater affiliation with the Carmelite Order than the faithful who are merely enrolled in the Brown Scapular, it is natural he should have a distinctive badge, so it is stated that "the real and distinctive habit of the Tertiaries consists of a scapular of brown cloth composed of two equal parts about ten inches in length and about seven inches in width".

This is to be worn day and night over the shoulders so as to cover the breast and back; nor may a smaller scapular be substituted in its stead except for reasons of health, or other just motives sanctioned by the confessor.

Tertiaries participate in all the spiritual treasures, Indulgences and Absolutions enjoyed by the First Order of Discalced Carmelites. Tertiaries also gain five hundred days indulgence each time they devoutly kiss the holy scapular in honour of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. To secure these privileges the Tertiary must be faithful in devoutly wearing his scapular.

To participate in certain indulgences the Tertiary ought to wear a crucifix. The crucifix may be sewn on to the scapular at the breast. Tertiaries can gain five years indulgence once a day. Tertiaries wearing a Crucifix or a simple Cross can gain all the indulgences.attached to Crosses and Medals.

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