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Margaret Parigot was born on the 7th February, 1619, in a small town in France named Beaune, in the ancient province of Burgundy, which had been for many years consecrated to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

At 6 years of age she showed a rare love for prayer, and when brought to the church she was so animated with a lively sense of the Divine Presence that she could not take her eyes off the tabernacle where reposed the thrice-holy Host. With hands joined, body bowed and heart inflamed with feelings of love and faith towards Our Lord Jesus Christ, hidden under the sacramental veils, she promised to love him always.

Her holiness was evident to others even in her childhood, and on entering the Carmelite Monastery in Beaune, she was favoured with many extraordinary visions and favours from the Child Jesus Who called her the "spouse of My infancy."

Once, she said to her prioress: "The Divine Infant appears, it is true, to advance His work in me, but I only wish to say to Him, 'I sacrifice myself entirely to You. I am at Your pleasure.' His mercy presses me, flows in torrents from His adorable body, and seems so vast that I am myself lost in it like a drop of water in the ocean. I daily discover new rays of grace round my infant God. It is the Child Jesus who drives me. I am all His, and He is all mine!"

She died in 1641, having endured lovingly great interior and exterior trials. Her life and death were indeed an immolation of love in imitation of her infant Saviour.

She related during her final sufferings: "What I bore within me, although so unworthy, was the impression of the Passion of my Saviour. It was on Friday, whilst kneeling at the foot of my crucifix, it seemed to me that I was united to Jesus Christ agonising on the Cross, and I understood immediately that He willed that His Passion should consume my body at the same time, as His infancy would perfect my heart."

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